I Kū Kanaka Hawai‘i

Performed: Tokyo, Japan

From the rising to the setting of the sun Kikiloa has watched listened and remembers the past, the present and looks forward with hope to the future…

For as he has survived and persevered through the ages—so will the Hawaiian People, The Hawaiian Culture and our Island home Hawai‘i. For through this journey I have learned that with all the wonderful technology our world is moving toward, we as people must not forget the importance of the simple things in life. It is through the stillness and quiet of their surroundings that our people have learned to create, imitate, and preserve. We move forward by remembering, preserving and imitating the past…by respecting our surroundings, by cherishing our history and by striving for excellence as people. It is because we are grounded by knowing who we are and where we come from, that we are able to explore traditional and non-traditional paths alike. That we are able to live by the values and traditions of our kupuna, yet still be a reflection of life in the 21st century!